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Full text of "The Catechism Of The Jew In The Former Soviet Union"

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The text below was published in Tel Aviv in 1958, but was not published in the official press in 
Russia. The text consists of advice to Jews on how to behave in the former USSR in order to 
achieve Zionist goals. However, this text, with a few minor modifications depending on the 
particular country, could serve as advice to Zionists on how to behave towards Gentiles in any 
Gentile country in which Zionists are living. 

Thus the word "Russians", referring to non-Jewish Russians, in the text below, can be replaced 
by "English people" (referring to non-Jewish English people) in England, by "Erench people" 
(referring to non-Jewish Erench people) in Erance, and so on in every country where there is a 
substantial Jewish presence. Any Gentile who has Jewish acquaintances will find them adopting 
many of the methods described below as part of their everyday behaviour. This text is 
undoubtedly very enlightening. 

JEWS! Love one another, help one another! Help each other even if you hate each other! 

Our strength lies in unity. Unity is the token of our success, and it is our salvation and our 
prosperity. Many nations perished after becoming dispersed, because they did not have a clear-cut 
programme of action or a feeling of comradeship. But we, thanks to our feeling of collectivism, 
have gone on for centuries and have survived while living among other nations. We have remained 
intact, have multiplied and have grown stronger. 

Unity is an objective, but it is also a means of achieving an objective. This is the point. Unity is 
what must be striven for. Everything else is derivative, and will come automatically. 

Help one another, do not be afraid of being regarded as nationalists, and do not be aftaid of 
protectionism. This nationalism of ours is our chief instrument. Our nationalism is international, 
and that is why it is eternal. The way towards our nationalism is open to Jews of all nationalities, all 
denominations and all parties. The only true internationalism is that which is tied to the Jews by 
links of blood. All other forms of internationalism are merely provocation and deceit. Operate on a 
broader scale in drawing towards yourselves people who are dose to you by reason of their birth. 
Only they can provide you with the living environment desired. 

Form your national groups of specialists. Groups of specialists are the Holy of Holies. Such groups 
decide everything. Today's specialist groups are our tomorrow. Every laboratory, every university 
department and every institute must become the place where our national groups of specialists are 

Prepare young Jewish people for the task of continuing the tradition of former generations. Let 
every generation of Gentiles conflict with our system of defence in depth. Every time the older 
generation disappears from the scene, it must be replaced by an even more powerful cohort of 
young Jews who have been given the right training at the proper time and have become strong as a 
result. To achieve this, our young people must be promoted to positions of leadership as early as 
possible on the grounds that they are mature and brilliant. Even if this is not yet true, they will 
mature on the job. HE WHO IS IN POWER IS IN THE RIGHT. We must pass on to our children 
more than we received from our fathers, and our children, after preserving what they have received 
and adding to it, will in turn pass it on to their offspring. Continuity from generation to generation 
is our strength, our stability and our immortality. 

The world is cruel, and there is no place in it for philanthropy. Every nation is the creator of its 
own happiness. It is not our business to worry about Russian national groups of specialists. If they 
do not think about themselves, why should we think about them? Do not follow the example of the 
Russians and the Arabs, who live contemplatively, hoping that an off-chance may arise. Do not 
expect any favours from nature - our task is to take the favours ourselves. 

Create your own groups and use these groups to throw out the Gentiles. Remember: all highly 
paid, influential and profitable jobs are our national income. Remember that every Gentile who has 
reached our level can occupy a post which might have belonged to each one of us. We create our 
groups so that goys cannot prevent us from living the way we want to. Let the goys try to create 
their own groups. They will scarcely succeed in this, and they will fall out with one another before 
they manage to achieve anything. We shall help them in that. 

GROUND, NOT SUSPECTING THAT THERE IS A SKY. They interpret all phenomena in too 
superficial and specific a way. They do not see facts as a sequence, and do not understand how 
facts interrelate. They are unable to think, generalize or form abstractions. To them, every event is 
only an event, however frequently it may occur. 

Our ideology is basically opposed to that of the goys. They say: "Less is better." We say: "More is 
better." They say: "It is better to be poor but healthy than rich and sick." We say: "It is better to be 
healthy and rich than poor and sick." They say: "To give is as pleasant as to receive." We say: "To 
give can be pleasant, but to receive is useful as well." They say: "Act in accordance with the law. 

That is your duty." We say: "Act contrary to the law, and I shall show you my gratitude." They say: 
"Win the victory or die." Our slogan is: "Win the victory in order to live, but live in order to win the 
victory." (What is the point of victory if there is no life? One must wait until the bitterness of 
defeat is over - everything will come to him who can wait.) 

All the knowledge and skills that they possess, we possess too. They do not need to know or feel 
the things which we know and feel. Everything that they have constitutes the limit of what they are 
capable of. Everything that we have is our means for achieving more. 


The Russians are obstinate, but they are not persistent enough when it comes to attaining an 
objective. They are lazy, and that is whey they are always in a hurry. They try to solve all problems 
at a stroke. They sacrifice small things for the sake of the major, decisive task of winning a victory. 
But that victory either does not come at all, or else, having won the victory, they are no better off 

The Russians neither know how to lead, nor how to submit. They are saboteurs by reason of their 
genetic makeup. The Russians are envious, and they hate their colleagues if the latter rise above 
the grey masses of the people. Give them the chance to tear to pieces these colleagues who have 
been promoted, and they will tear him to pieces with pleasure. Jews! Always act as arbitrators, 
adopt the posture of being peacemakers, defend the "unhappy people" against whom the crowd is 
up in arms, but only do so to such an extent as to gain a reputation as a good, objective person. 
With a little self-possession, you will take over the position of the person whom a short while ago 
the Russians against one another, arouse in them envy towards one another. Always do this 
imperceptibly and subtly, operating under a cover of benevolence. Let them fight among 
themselves. You will always be the arbitrator. 


The Russians do not know how to make requests, regarding it as humiliating to do so. But they are 
in any event poor and humiliated. We say: "Every humiliation is a blessing if it produces an 
advantage." One can humiliate oneself in order to achieve a goal, and it is possible to humiliate 
oneself with dignity. 


The Russians are stupid and coarse. They refer to their stupidity and coarseness as honesty, 
decency and well-principled behaviour. The inability of the Russians to adapt and change their 
behaviour so as to suit the situation, and their lack of any mental flexibility, are described by 
Russians as "being true to themselves," as "adherence to principle". Goys are so stupid and coarse 
that they do not even know how to lie. Again, they call their primitiveness and stupidity honesty 
and decency, although they are by nature mendacious and dishonest. In ancient times the goys 
referred to their characteristically primitive behaviour as barbarity, in the Middle Ages they termed 
it chivalry, and later they called it gentlemanly conduct. They committed suicide out of empty 


They are restricted in their possibilities, and for this reason they set limits to everything. But we 
say: "Man's possibilities are unlimited, because man behaves in accordance with circumstances!" 

Always remember the limits which goys set themselves. The thinking of the goys has stagnated 
within these limits, and they are unable to go beyond them. Therein lies their misfortune and our 
advantage. Speak and act in a way which their morality and their concepts do not permit. Do 
things which seem to them to be impossible and incredible. They will not believe that you are 
capable of words and actions of which they are not capable. 

Speak and act in a way which is confldent, energetic, aggressive, discouraging and stunning. 
Produce more noise and oral trumpery, and say more things which are incomprehensible and 
pseudo-scientiflc. Create theories, hypotheses, tendencies, schools, practicable and impracticable 
methods. The more extravagant, the better! Do not be confused because no one needs these 
theories, or because by tomorrow they will have been forgotten about. A new day, and with it new 
ideas, will come. It is here that our self-assertion, our superiority, and the power of our spirit, all 
And expression. Let the goys bear the brunt of the ideas we float. Let them rack their brains 
looking for any grains of rationality in our ideas, and let them seek and And in our ideas things 
which are not there. Tomorrow we shall give their primitive brains some new food to chew on. 

It does not matter what you say. What matters is how you say it. Your self-confldence will be 
perceived as conviction, your ambition will be thought to be loftiness of mind, and your manner of 
preaching and putting people right will be regarded as superiority. TWIST THE BRAINS OF THE 
GOYS, AND WORK THE GOYS UP INTO A NERVOUS STATE! Place the upstarts and bawlers in a 
compromising position, and stir up the pride of the crowd against any sceptics. In your discussions 
and debates, use rhetorical methods which border on the indecent. If anyone doubts what you are 

saying and objects to it, ask him his surname, where he works and what his job is. This will usually 
shock and intimidate the goys, and they will retreat. Demand replies, and when you have received 
them, say over and over again, without analysing the essence of the replies: "It's not like that, it's 
not like that at all!" 

If some know-it-all tries to expose you, the others will not listen to him and will condemn him, 
because by exposing you he is proving them guilty of stupidity, and the crowd will not forgive this. 

If a Russian tries to show his worth and to attract attention to himself, you must create more sound 
effects at that moment, shuffle your feet, stand up and walk about, make creaking noises with the 
chairs, laugh, chatter, hum something under your breath, cough and blow your nose, and interrupt 
him by making speeches, conversing, telling jokes, and the like. Cause the Russians a mass of petty, 
annoying inconveniences of which they are not immediately aware. Place your things on top of 
their belongings, tread on their feet, breathe in their faces, and talk in a provocatively loud way. 

Let them constantly feel your elbow in their side. The Russians cannot endure this for long. To 
avoid any scandals, they will go away, leaving the place free for you to occupy... They think it is 
particularly smart to slam the door and walk away. Give them the opportunity to do so! 


Accuse of antisemitism those who try to expose you. Pin the label of "antisemite" on them, and you 
will see with what pleasure the other goys will take up this version. On the whole, all Russians are 
antisemites, but as soon as you pin this label on one Russian, he becomes defenceless, because all 
the others will throw him to us as a sacrifice and will destroy him with their own hands. And we 
shall attach the stigma to the next victim. 

Play on the soft-heartedness of the Russians. Make yourselves out to be poor and unhappy, arouse 
compassion and sympathy for yourselves, spread rumours about the eternally suffering nation, 
about persecution in the past and discrimination today. 


Even if the Russians have less than us, they will nonetheless help us to have more. The Russians 
like being benefactors and guardians, and every beggar strives to be a benefactor, because that 
raises his status. The generosity of the Russians increases in the same measure as their ability to 
put it into effect decreases. Take from them what they can give: a mangy sheep will at least yield a 
tuft of wool! 

Interpret all phenomena in the light of our interests. Every phenomenon must, without fail, be 
considered from the point of view of the harm or benefit it produces for the Jews! 

Inform one another about everything which may harm or benefit us. Information is the Holy of 
Holies! Money, groups of specialists, and information: these are the three supports upon which our 
well-being is founded! 

It is every Jew's sacred duty and obligation to inform another Jew of what the goys intend to do. 
You helped me today, I shall help you tomorrow - therein lies our strength. 

Our God bequeathed to us the task of ruling the world, and we rule it. Our task is to keep the 
world in our hands. Keep in your hands the means of propaganda and information: the press, 
radio, television and cinema. We must penetrate further into the apparatus of Party and State 
authority. Regarding any question, form a public opinion which takes account of our national 

Any trifle can be turned into a problem, and any problem into a trifle. Not one public process must 
be allowed to drift of its own accord. If it does not benefit us, slow it down, or direct it against our 
enemies, the goys. We must be at the head of any undertaking, so that we can guide it in the 
required direction. 

Be the leaders in everything, strive always to be the first! Cultivate within yourself the 
characteristics of leadership. Do this every hour, every minute, even in the trifles of everyday life. 
Do not give way in anything. Try not to give way even in respect of trifles, whether they be your 
seat in a bus or train or your place in a queue in a shop. 

In any working group, take the power into your own hands and direct the group in our interests. 
We must carry out the administrative and creative part of the production process. Let the goys 
provide the preparatory material and technical basis for our creative work. Let them look after the 
cleanliness of the work rooms and guard the fruits of our labours. Let their position be no higher 
than that of a porter or cleaner. 

It is permissible, by way of an exception, to allow goys of non-Russian extraction to do creative 
work. Do not allow Russians to do this! We shall always deserve blame if we allow Russians to do 
such work. And do not be afraid of us gaining a reputation as nationalists: when persons of mixed 
nationality with an admixture of Jewish blood or, if the worst comes to the worst, representatives 
of ethnic minorities, are present, this will produce for us an illusion of internationalism. If you have 

a vacancy, only appoint a Jew to fill it. 

If you cannot do this, cancel the post. If you can do neither the one nor the other, appoint an 
Asian. If none is available, take a Pole, a Ukrainian or, if the worst comes to the worst, a 
Byelorussian. All these have scores to settle with the Russians. After they have been worked on for 
a while they will become your allies. They are all only antisemites in their own native lands. In 
Russia it is more beneficial to them to be internationalists. By these means they will find the 
necessary area within which they can exist. Make use of these means they adopt. 

Do not openly destroy the monuments to the ancient history of Russia, but also do not restore 
those monuments. Years will pass, and the monuments will collapse of their own accord. And 
hooligans and "lovers of the past" will take them away little by little, brick by brick. Pretend not to 
notice this because you are occupied with major tasks of the national economy. A nation without a 
history is like a child without parents. Such a nation can be moulded into whatever is required. 
One can impose upon such a nation one's own philosophy and one's own way of thinking. 

By this method, whole nations can be inevitably deprived of their particular individuality. First 
they will lose their history and traditions, and then we shall form them in our own image. 

Keep every step taken by influential and forward-looking Russians under a never-slackening 
control. Do not allow them to go off by themselves and unite. Do not permit any intimate, direct 
links to develop between them. Any contacts they have must be with us and through us. Therein 
lies information and influence. Do not permit them to discuss any problems without us being 
present. Where there are two Russians, there must be at least one Jew. Be omnipresent! 

If you do not succeed in blocking the young and forward-looking Russians and in preventing them 
from expressing themselves, place them under rule. Draw them into your groups, surround them 
with a strong Jewish milieu, and deprive them of any contacts and acquaintances of which you do 
not have knowledge. Compel them to marry Jewesses, and only then give them the go-ahead. Do 
not be afraid: their children will be ours whatever happens. Whoever the bull that leapt on board 
may belong to, its calf will be ours. 

By helping such Russians, you are contributing to the cause of our Jewish community. From that 
time on their wages will be our national income. They will, for their children's sake, lose their 
"citizens' rights", their feelings and their minds, and in any case it will not be possible for them to 
be antisemitic. Cohabitation with a Jewess is one way of attracting talented Russians into our 
sphere of influence and interest. 

Take beautiful, healthy Russian women as your wives. Let them bear us healthy offspring and 

improve our race. Thus, every forward-looking Russian must be given a Jewish girl friend or boy 
friend. If every Russian takes at least one Jew away with him, we shall all be all right. 

Give bribes and presents to the Russians. Give them cognac and vodka to drink, or, better still, 
spirits sold under a State monopoly. They will sell anything, including their own Russia, in 
exchange for trinkets and poison. 

A final piece of advice. Be vigilant. The Spanish Inquisition and German fascism must not be 
repeated. Nip in the bud any attempts to put society in opposition to us, and destroy any 
anti-Jewish tendencies at the very outset, whatever shape they may take. Fascism is not an 
accidental phenomenon. It arises in places where we underestimate the local people's efforts to be 
the owners of their own land. Fascism develops secretly in all nations. Luckily for us, different 
nations start practising fascism at different times and under different names. 

Buy up, steal and destroy any works which reveal our tactics and strategy and which represent the 
Jews in a poor light. Do not permit such works to be re-published. The goy nations must not 
remember or know the actual reasons for Jewish pogroms and persecutions. They must only know 
our interpretation of such questions. 

Pay particular attention to recalcitrant, obstinate people who do not want to bow to our 
superiority, do not want to work for us and are opposed to our practices and our policies. Sooner or 
later such people will develop into antisemites. Do not allow little antisemites to grow into people 
who take part in big pogroms. Let them tire themselves out at the very outset with their stubborn 
idea of national dignity. Expose them, use any pretext and any reason to place them in a 
compromising position, and oppose them with all the means available. So long as they are alone, 
they will be unable to hold out against our collectivism and against our onslaught. They may be in 
the right a thousand times over with their trivialities. But they are in the wrong nonetheless if they 
stand in our way. 

Spread compromising rumours about these obstinate people, give them a dubious reputation, and 
in the end they will then begin to be feared by those who support them, who know them well and 
who have a very high opinion of them. 

You must deprive them of any links and contacts, and make it impossible for them to work 
effectively. Cast doubt on whether the work they are doing, and the positions they hold, serve any 
useful purpose. Isolate them, stir up the crowd against them, deprive them of influential positions 
in society, and provoke them into conflicts. Flumiliate them, ignore them, offend them by giving 
unfair incentives and imposing unjust penalties, and when they protest, accuse them of being 
disobedient, insubordinate, quarrelsome and troublesome. 

Appeal to the public and to the administrative authorities, drag these obstinate people before the 
Party Committee and to the police. If possible, take them to court. 

If you are older than them, accuse them of breaching the principle of respect for one's elders. If you 
are the same age as them, accuse them of breaching the principle of brotherhood, and be quite 
sure to blame them for violating the principle of internationalism. The effectiveness of these 
methods has been proved over many generations. This is how all so-called "exploiters" act, being 
impelled by the need to keep the nations in a state of obedience. The chief point is that they must 
be accused. Let them try to defend themselves. Anyone who tries to defend himself is already half 

If the opportunity arises, move their behaviour into the political arena, write denunciations and 
anonymous letters about them, accuse them of antisocial behaviour and economic sabotage. 
Provoke them into publicly opposing State power, and then destroy them with the aid of that same 
State power. 

Only those who submissively follow us and go along with us have the right to privileges and a quiet 
life. Those who wish to go their own independent way are potentially dangerous and must be 
deprived of all kinds of support and of the means of existence. 

There must either be the order we impose, or there must be complete disorganization. Chaos must 
reign in any place where goys wish to manage without us! Act so that disorder continues until the 
exhausted goys, having become desperate, ask us to take power into our own hands and give them 
a quiet life. 

The goys must work under our leadership and be beneficial to us. Those who are of no benefit to us 
must be expelled. There is no public benefit beyond our interests! Anyone who is not with us is 
against us! An eye for an eye! A tooth for a tooth! That is what Moses taught, and that is how our 
forefathers lived. And that is how we shall live too. Revenge is a sacred feeling. It forms a person's 
character and consolidates his position. Abandon any feeling of submissiveness and humility 
towards those who have offended us. Let the stupid goys keep for themselves the slogans of 
Christian charity, meekness, humility and self-denial - they are exactly what the goys are worthy of 

Propagate and implant the Christian "virtues" among the goys, but as for yourselves, you must 
remain hard and uncompromising at heart. Be uncompromising towards our enemies! If you 
forgive them a small offence today, they will inflict a big offence on you tomorrow. Do not become 
accustomed to being offended, and repel other people's desire to cause you offence. 

Let the goys urge one another to be cautious, moderate and flexible in relation to us. Let them be 

cautious in holding back our onslaught. We must act decisively and rapidly, always confronting 
them with accomplished facts. After this, let them hold long, fruitless discussions. They have no 
weapon against our methods. Even if, after reaching a tough decision, they do one thing - by the 
time they have had this idea, reached an agreement and done that one thing, we shall have done 
ten more important things. Let the resistance they offer be the stimulus we require, and not an 
obstacle to us. We need their opposition so that we can maintain our fighting spirit and our 
preparedness, but that is the only purpose for which we need it. 

Never relax the pressure. The tougher the resistance of the goys is, the greater our expenditure will 
be. Our income, and the amounts which we accumulate, will therefore have to increase 
correspondingly. The profit we are making today must cover any possible losses in future pogroms, 
which take place in every country from time to time. Let the goys pay today for the fact that they 
will later, somewhere in the world, take back part of what is theirs. 

We must always be ready to leave the anger and hatred of the goys behind and go away to a place 
where people will accept us because they reckon that the economy can be revived by means of our 

Part of our strategy is to switch countries from time to time in search of more favourable living 
conditions. This is the meaning of the symbol of Agasfer, the "ETERNAL JEW", indefatigable 
optimist and eternal wanderer. 

But if we do have to go away, we must go away healthy and rich, and not poor and sick. Money is 
our means of transport. 

We move our centre of gravity to the place to which our money, our capital, has previously been 

from time to time - after becoming materially stronger in the countries of the diaspora, and after 
collecting our tribute from them - we assemble in the land of our forefathers to fortify our spirit, 
our power, our symbols, and our belief in unity. 

We assemble in order to disperse again. And so on throughout all the ages.